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and  inclusive 


Do you take into account aspects such as: gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, economic status, language, disabilities or age of your team and clientele?


Are you promoting justice, impartiality and equity in your processes, resources and systems?


Does your company welcome all people equally and offer the same comfort and opportunities as the rest?

How we
do it?


We use DATA as the basis for CHANGE: we map systems and data, detect discriminatory patterns and key areas, reach conclusions and improve your organization through concrete and measurable actions. All adapted to the European GDPR context.


We use TECHNOLOGY and artificial intelligence to find SOLUTIONS: we offer a wide variety of tools that track, evaluate and guide changes in your organization: inclusive language, personal culture, implicit biases, employee experience… and much more.


We seek to create a real IMPACT: we want Europe to have a more inclusive and equitable labor market and we work every day guiding companies on their DEI journey with personalized solutions adapted to their needs (not one size fits all!).

How we can help you?

Through DEI Training:

We offer you introductory and immersive courses so that you learn in a practical way through specific tools how to implement different aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion in your organization.

Through audits:

We analyze your organization in depth so that you know its current DEI status and we accompany and guide you so that all the systems and processes of your company incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion in its DNA.

Corporate Mentorship for DEI

A bespoke initiative that enriches your organization by nurturing diverse talent. Through personalized mentorship, we focus on career development and inclusivity, ensuring diversity and equity are integral to your company's growth.

Online Session

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Our clients

What they say about us?

"Eufonía has assisted us at the Oxfam EU office tremendously in understanding what practices, policies, and prejudices stood in our way of becoming a more diverse team. After carefully diving deep into our ways of working, he pointed out where & what we can change to not only attract but also retain colleagues and increase diversity & inclusion in our office. In all his interactions with the team & the office management, he was clear, assertive as well as kind and understanding. Mahmoud puts in a great deal of effort to follow up and provide 'after care'. Working with him was one of the highlights of the past year for us!"


Evelien Van Roemburg

Head of Policy and Advocacy

"What an amazing session: inclusive, emotional, empowering and impactful.
I would like to THANK YOU for sharing your ideas, your message and your story with us, to help raise awareness and acceptance in the workplace and beyond. I believe that many companies could benefit from this type of session."


“ It was a great session, sharing your perspectives, insight and resources was super helpful. The knowledge, experience you have so helpful to what is a difficult subject – but I feel emboldened.” 


Tessa McLoughlin

Global Leader in Talent, Leadership and Development

Adrienn Láng

Global Corporate Responsibility Manager

Article DEI
Article DEI


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